Stephen Moyer talks on the JT Billy Kidd Podcast

Stephen has given another radio interview about his new series, The Gifted. On the JT Billy Kidd Podcast the moderators talk with Steve about his new X-Men show, The Gifted, on FOX. They also discuss his role of Bill Compton on True Blood and his wife Anna Paquin and what all the notoriety is like being huge stars in Hollywood.

Stephen talks about why he took the job on The Gifted as Reed Strucker and also what it’s like that he now ends up being a part of the super hero world of the film/tv industry again.

Listen to the complete podcast in the audio above.

You can listen to all the Podcasts right HERE.

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  1. Finally got a chance to listen to Stephen’s portion of the podcast. As always, he is forthcoming and downright charming. Thanks for providing.

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