Stephen Moyer talks about the end of True Blood & the series finale

“True Blood” star Stephen Moyer can empathize with fans who had trouble wrapping their heads around the HBO’s True Blood polarizing series finale.

True Blood

The popular vampire saga, which was based on the books by Charlaine Harris, wrapped up its seven-season run in August 2014 with Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) helping a sickly Bill Compton plunge a stake into his own heart. Moyer, who played Bill, tells TheWrap he’s not convinced that the show opted for the best conclusion.

You’ve got to end a show some way, and at the time, it was explained to me in an interesting way,” Moyer says. “And the idea that my character, Vampire Bill, was giving Sookie life by dying, and the fact that he chooses death in order to give her life, is the ultimate sacrifice of love.”

While idea that Nathan Barr is doing a musical of True Blood is by NO MEANS NEW information, it’s good to hear that it should be going ahead. I first heard about it at the Season 7 premiere when I interviewed Nathan Barr. Read about the True Blood Musical and see my video interview below with Nathan Barr on the Season 7 red carpet about the True Blood musical: True Blood to Become a Musical on Broadway


  1. Happy to hear that the True Blood Musical is going forward, and that Stephen got to sing Vampire Bill for Nathan.

    As for the ending of TB, I was greatly displeased … so much so that I wrote two alternate fan fic endings

    1. I would love to read an alternative ending. I am in denial and refuse to accept that True Blood ended the way it did.

  2. Oh god I got to the part where Alcide died and that was it I couldn’t watch anymore I’ve never seen the ending. I’ve heard about Bill dying and Eric living and finding the cure in that bitches blood but other than that I can’t bring myself to watch the ending

  3. What a pang of nostalgia I’m having, hearing (and seeing!) Steve talk about TB again. I really thought that he never would have done the finale like it was done if he had the choice. But he never said anything, being the gentleman and dedicated cast member he was, and is. I wish we had seen what he envisioned for Bill & Sookie.
    Well, past is past, and now we’ve had, and hopefully will continue to have, many other wonderful characters by Stephen Moyer to love. Wow, he looks so good! He and Anna have only gotten better since the end ofTB.

  4. It was a disappointing conclusion to an otherwise great series. I’d truly hoped that Sookie would have used the last of her magick to make Bill human and cure him, so they could be together.

  5. Its good to hear Stephen comment on the final episode of True Blood and yes while I understood Bill choosing to end his vampire life to give Sookie a real chance at life without him in it I like so many was disappointed by the ending I always hoped their would be a future for Bill and Sookie.I think a Trues Blood Musical would be exciting so glad it is typing ahead .

  6. I’m pleased to hear Stephens views on the True Blood ending and it is safe to say most fans were very unhappy with the finale. As time passes I remember an amazing series with my Vampire Bill and overlook one bad episode or two.

    As always thank you for providing all the interviews with Steve.

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