Stephen Moyer talks Alex’s Full Frontal at BAFTA Tea

Stephen Moyer spoke to Mark Malkin at the BAFTA Tea Party on the Red Carpet yeaterday and they discussed Alexander Skarsgard’s “full frontal” scene in the True Blood Season 6 finale.

The True Blood fans were not expecting to see Alexander Skarsgård’s full frontal exposure when Eric went up in flames during last month’s season finale.

Mark Malkin writes:

“It was never intended that way,” Stephen Moyer told me yesterday at the BAFTA LA Tea at the SLS Hotel. “It was never written to have him full frontal. Alex doesn’t like wearing his ‘sock’ or the ‘sack of destiny’ as we call it.'”

His sack of what?

It’s the sack of destiny that covers everything,” Moyer laughed. “He doesn’t like wearing those so he had one in his room that day [but] he was the one who chose not to wear it.”

Moyer says the crew had unsuccessfully tried some “camera trickery” to hide the goods. And Stephen added that he has no plans to follow in Skarsgård’s full frontal footsteps. “I’ll save that from the crew,” he cracked.

Meanwhile, like Carrie Preston first told us, Moyer says cast and crew suspected that season seven of True Blood was going to be its last. “We wanted to go out on a real high,” he said, adding, “It means the writers can go in the room and they can arc out the season and really go for it. We’re all quite excited about that.”

So what does Bill’s future look like?

Moyer joked, “I want him to end up in a little white house with a white picket fence.” Perhaps he’ll find a white coffin to go with it.

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  1. I like Stephen’s ending scenario for Bill … a white house with a white picket fence … and … a white coffin.
    As for the full frontal, it was there for a few seconds and then the
    burning started. I was more interested in what was happening to Eric
    than his naked state.

  2. So ridiculous to ask Stephen about Alex’s penis. Ask Alex if you are that interested. A blip on the screen is nothing to write home about.
    When do they ask Carrie or Rutina what they know about Anna’s nude scenes? Asinine reporting.

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