Stephen Moyer talks True Blood revival from the dead

Could there be a True Blood revival? If so, wow, things sure have changed in the three years since True Blood Ended. At that time in August, 2014, everyone on the show felt it was time to end it and that the story had been told. However, now in a new installment from Stephen Moyer’s interview with Digital Spy for his upcoming series Safe House on ITV, he talks about the odds of a True Blood revival, saying: “It’s very possible.”

True Blood Revival

Stephen, said that the cast and crew of the HBO series had an “amazing time” filming it, and confirmed that Charlaine Harris, will be having further work adapted by the network.

Charlaine has just had another bunch of her books greenlit to go to series,” he told us. “Alan had an amazing time on that show.

Despite his fondness for the series, Stephen did go on to say that he wasn’t certain that the main cast would all return, were there a reboot.

“We all got… it was exhausting,” he said. “I’m not sure Anna, myself or Alex would go back.”

However, he then seemed to have a change of heart, adding:

I don’t think we’d say no, because I think it’d be a giggle. But I’d have to have a facelift or something, because vampires aren’t supposed to age!

As for the direction a revival could take? There’s one character that Stephen has his eye on for the show to focus on.

I always wanted a spinoff for… my favorite character is Arlene, the redhead waitress,” he said. “I always felt that Arlene – she’s a phenomenal actress, Carrie Preston. She won Emmys for The Good Wife.”

However, while we here at AllStephenMoyer would welcome a continuation of True Blood, we just don’t think it’s going to happen. Besides, Bill was killed at the end of the series. Could he come back?  I suppose anything is possible.

Still, all is not lost as there is something else to look forward to. Nathan Barr has written a musical of the show with Stephen, who, as you know, got his start in the theatre. They even recorded some songs, which led to the project being okayed by both series runner Alan and writer Charlene.

It’s looking like that might happen,” Stephen said.

The musical is reportedly set in Bon Temps, just like the HBO series, with cast members such as Ellen Foley, Claybourne Elder and Ann Harada present at a recent workshop in New York.

ASM fans think it would be great if Stephen would do the True Blood musical since he has such a wonderful singing voice, but we also doubt he will participate because when asked in the interview, he replied:

There was a workshop in New York. I couldn’t do it, obviously, but I wouldn’t do, anyway,” Stephen said.

Tell us your opinion, should True Blood return or not?


  1. I loved the True Blood series. I have watched the re-runs.
    Everyone once in a while I just have to go back to Bon Temps and see all my favorite actors.

    1. I do the same. I was soo sorry to hear one of my favorite characters died, Lafayette, he was a funny and down to earth character. I love watching ALL of the seasons over and over. True Blood was and still is my very favorite show. I was really pissed when the season ended. I would be very excited if True Blood returns! I started watching this new show called Midnight, Texas it’s pretty cool but nothing like True Blood!!!

      1. I was also thinking since Bill was part of Lillith, what if somehow he can return as reincarnated but as a human and not vampire, and somehow he and Sookie find each other again ? And since Lafayette is no longer with us ( may he rest in peace) they would have to find a character that looks like Lafayette to replace him. I really loved this character ! Not 100 percent sure how I feel about all this lol but I want the damn show True Blood to return !

  2. Charmaine Harris has Midnight, Texas on as a new series. It’s pretty good and there’s a waitress and a vampire plus others with powers. If TB came back, I’d want Alan Ball back. Sookie could have had a bad nightmare – I know the ending was a nightmare for me!

  3. If Stephen were a part of it, I’d make every effort to watch. The original cast was phenomenal. I would have a hard time accepting replacements. Sadly, we would not have Nelsan, just to name one. His Lafayette was brilliant!!! I’m of two minds … like I said above, I’d watch with Stephen somehow returning as Bill. Without him, I’d probably let it go.

  4. I would watch with the original cast but so many of them have moved on to other projects…and as Steve said…the vamps would all need face lifts…and Laffy is gone… I think it’s time to let TB go…

  5. I’m of the small minority who wants to remember True Blood as it was, perfect except for the ending. That said 10+ years down the line they may make a remake or movie while keeping an original cast member or two for nostalgic purposes.

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