Stephen Moyer signs ties for Loosen Up Auction

Stephen Moyer is always so generous for charity. He has helped us so much in the past raise funds for needy causes.

Now, for the Loosen Up Auction, Steve has signed these three fantastically garish worn scarves (ties) to help a Testicular Cancer Charity Auction sponsored by CahonasScotland.

Loosen up Auction


November 16 th – November 26 th

Celebrities from the world of movies, TV, music and sport have “loosened up” and ditched their ties, as well as other fashion accessories and items, in aid of Cahonas Scotland to help in the battle of raising awareness of Male Cancers.

Loosen up is committed to raising awareness of Male Cancers. And, they love to talk bollocks! You can help them by talking to men in your life about the early signs of testicular cancer, and encourage them to do a monthly self-check.

Loosen Up – Balls, nuts, testicles, whatever you call them, we want you to check them!

We believe that by reducing stigma and embarrassment surrounding testicular cancer we can improve medical statistics drastically.

Here are photos of the Stephen Moyer auctions currently running:

You can bid on the three ties at the links below:




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