Stephen Moyer shares True Blood Candids with EW

Stephen Moyer shared some of his candid True Blood photos with Entertainment Weekly for the article on the stands now, dated June 27, 2014. We’ve created an album for them in the AllStephenMoyer Photo Gallery, but below is a sampling of some of the photos.



See all of Steve’s candid photos in the photo gallery by clicking here.


  1. Charming face :-) Have a bunch of Stephen Moyer thriller collection beside the TB. Watched the ‘Open House’ Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin thriller film last night. Was good but not nearly good as Bill and Sookie in TB. Fun to watched them two acting together…in near future, hopefully lot more to come!!!

  2. Fantastic photos!!!  My fav is the one of a bloody Bill with cigarette dangling from his mouth as he stands in front of a truck carrying gasoline … that “FLAMMABLE” is prominently displayed..

  3. Loving these photos…absolutely fantastic! Stephen proves again and again how multi-faceted his talents are. 
    His “selfie” of Bill lying on the floor with cut marks all over him from Lorena’s torture is one of my favorites. I also loved seeing Splash again.  Thanks so much for posting!

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