Stephen Moyer shares pic with his Dad

Stephen Moyer, aka “Emery” and wife Anna Paquin have been enjoying themselves over the holidays vacationing in the UK.  Today, Stephen shared a photo of himself with his dad as they visit Leigh in Sea.  Notice the name in the signage behind the couple.  We hope Stephen and Anna are enjoying their visits with the family.

Stephen captions the photo with:

A visit today to the cockle sheds in Leigh in Sea with my lovely Dad. Scene of many a childhood jaunt. It seems my wife has started a fishing business…..



  1. As if Anna has the time to start a fishing business…! haha! Always the jokester! Beautiful pic of u & your Dad, Stephen :) x

  2. Always find the time for your parents ! Love the picture . I lost my mom and I wish I had. Ore pictures of her and myself

  3. I thought the older gent looked familiar, before I noticed who the other guy was. That apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  4. Stephen’s dad looks so sweet, I just want to hug him!  Of course I also want to hug Stephen, but for some other reasons too!  They look so happy, it makes me happy.  Love Stephen’s sense of humor!

  5. If knowen you were in town would have asked you both in for cupper!!!!! Least had good weather :) sorry missed you:(

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