Stephen Moyer sends a Personal Video Message to his Fans

Personal Video MessageFacing the Atlantic is the most thrilling fundraiser we have done so far. It was exciting to follow the journey of Bertie and James, with all its ups and downs and we couldn’t have been happier when they set foot on Barbados after 63 days on the Atlantic Ocean.

The fan support for this fundraiser was just amazing and we can’t thank you all enough for that. The combined activities of AllStephenMoyer, The Vault and SimplyMoyer raised a total amount of approx. $21,000.

All the support from the fans for Facing the Atlantic has not gone unnoticed by Stephen Moyer either.

We are very happy to share the video that Stephen made with his “mate” Bertie Portal sending a personal message for all the fans who participated in the fundraiser and showed their support.

A Special Note: Steve wanted us to tell you all that he has been trying to send this video to us for weeks now and has been valiant in his perseverance with many tries. He was finally successful today. All this done while acting in and directing episode 8 of True Blood. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that he is thinking of his fans even when so busy in his own life.

Thanks so much for this, Steve (and Bertie). As always….. you’re the best!

We’d like to share with you part of the email exchange we had with Stephen about the video and the fundraising:

Dearest Ladies
finally – FINALLY – I have had to reload the whole bloody thing.
can’t thank you guys enough for everything you and everyone on your respective websites have managed to raise…
Bert is gobsmacked by the level of commitment you put in…
I’m at work, and have just spent the entire last hour and a half trying to load this again, so now I’m off.
many thanks again
see you all soon

And further:

There is a glitch in the middle of the video where we were discussing how much money you lot had raised which I didn’t realise hadn’t recorded until I was back in the US… bloody annoying


  1. Steve and Bertie, it was our pleasure to help support a great cause. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to make the video.

  2. Thanks to all for the video (especially appreciate the extra effort Stephen put into getting this video to us)! Also to Bertie for all that rowing he did for a great cause!


  3. What a lovely gift for us fans.  Thank you, Stephen and Bertie.  It was our pleasure to do our bit for Facing the World by supporting Facing the Atlantic.  A wonderful collective amount raised for this very worthy cause.

  4. Just so you all know, Steve has been trying to upload this video for a few weeks now, he has been very anxious about getting it up for all his fans! Even with directing episode 8, he’s persevered and was successful today! Yippee!!!

  5. I am so glad the video finally came through. Next time when a fan says: “Is there anything this man isn’t good at?” I know what to answer! LOLOL
    Lovely to hear from the boys personally.

  6. Great video.  So nice to see the boys having fun too!
    This was a lovely experience, and it was so exciting following the journey on the high seas.
    Altogether, a win-win for all!

  7. I had to look this funny video more than one time. It`s so sweet and nice from them to make this video for us. Thanks for that :-)

  8. Thanks, Shad and Lynn, for sharing the e-mail exchange you had with Stephen.  Bless him for working so hard to get the video loaded.  We fans truly appreciate these words of thanks from Stephen and Bertie.  It was a privilege to participate in this wonderful fund raiser.

  9. Awww thanks Steve & Bertie, really sweet of you to go to all that trouble to send us such a lovely thank you message. I followed Bertie’s crossing via the website and am still in awe of the adventure and I just loved Steve’s motor racing exploits (except the few minutes between Lynn tweeting that the car had flipped & finding out you were ok) Glad to be a little part of the fundraising effort & when the British weather warms up I’ll be wearing my Moyer’s Mermaids T-shirt again with pride. Love you guys!

  10. What a lovely gesture.  Thank you for the video, Steve and Bertie.  Facing the World is a wonderful cause and very worthy of our support.  

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