Stephen Moyer sees Broadway shows in NYC

This weekend Stephen Moyer is spending some time in New York City hitting the big Broadway shows.

On Saturday he posted that he had seen the smash hit musical, Hamilton and tweeted about the difficulty of getting tickets. Obviously, he joins the rest of the world with his opinion of the production saying, as he puts it, “extraordinary.”



Then, just this morning he posted the photo below after seeing the comedy play “She Loves Me, with Laura Benati.  It was a reunion of sorts for Steve and Laura as they were both in the NBC LIVE production of The Sound of Music. In the SOM production, Laura played the part of Elsa Shrader to Stephen’s Captain Von Trapp.



It’s possible that both Steve and his lovely wife Anna are in the Big Apple together this weekend since Anna is to appear at the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of her new miniseries “Roots” on April 4th. We’re betting Steve flew up and they met in NYC for a fun weekend before she flew across the pond and Steve had to head back to filming in North Carolina of his new series, “Shots Fired,” but of course that’s our best guess.  Whatever is true, we hope both of them had a nice weekend.

UPDATE: Steve saw yet another Broadway show over the weekend, this time it was “Something Rotten.”

Screenshot 2016-04-05 08.38.09

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