1. Great shots! I see the girl and also thought, “Hmm… something’s different here.” She really is a great double, if that’s what she is. Thanks so much for this great find!

  2. She really does look like her, but her lips are different and find her facial expression different, not sure though.

  3. The lucky stunt double…although I’m pretty sure Anna can handle the love-making scenes all by herself. And the lucky fans, getting pics with Steve! I wonder if they were just getting off a long night’s shoot? Or maybe going to an indoor set?

  4. Stephen saying hello to pseudo-Sookie. “Hey you look familiar”
    Good to know he will be in the finale. So Stephen what do you carry in that bag?

  5. Yes, I think you’re right, that must be Heidi, Anna’s stunt double. That’s so funny – I couldn’t figure out why she looked so different.

    Stephen looks so happy – I wonder if he’s going right to work on one of his films, or whether they get to take a little vacation first.
    Maybe he’s going to see his son.

    He says he has tons of cameras, so maybe he carries some in that bag. He’s known as quite the photographer on the set, apparently.

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