Stephen Moyer screencaps: Shots Fired Season 1 Hour 4 “Truth”

Shots Fired Promo 5

Tonight we saw Season 1 Hour 4 of Shots Fired. I can finally say that this show now has me hooked. So much good stuff happened in tonight’s episode and it had me captivated throughout the hour. It is very apparent that the series intends to reflect what the US is going through these days and I applaud the writers and all the cast for their superb work!

It’s also apparent that Stephen Moyer’s Lt. Calvert Breeland is a pretty complicated character and I can now see why Stephen wanted to play him.

The big scene for Officer Breeland tonight was his conversation with Ashe and Preston.We got a bit of history from Breeland himself when he spoke about his father’s illness with cancer and their estrangement. It was sad to hear him reveal his poor relationship with his dad and how when he died, everyone at the funeral came up and told Calvert that his dad was a wonderful man. You could tell that Calvert never saw that man. I hope to learn more about him in the next episode.

Below are some sample screencaps of Stephen Moyer from the Photo Gallery for Season 1, Hour 4:

Shots Fired Promo 5

Are you excited to see more about how Officer Breeland deals with all the conflict in the police force and the town in future episodes? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


  1. I’m hooked to. Steve was mesmoyerizing when he spoke about his father (with thanks to Braz for that term) and BTW Steve’s character’s name is Calvert not Calvin… :-)

  2. I checked out the photo gallery. Thanks for providing, Lynn, and for your thoughts on the episode. Yours, too, Piper. I won’t see the episode until Thursday night, so will offer some comments after I do.

  3. Finally watched #4. Good to get some background on Breeland, and learn about his relationship with his father (well done, Stephen). He’s not the kind of guy I’d think of as emotionally vulnerable, but all that changed with his story about his dad. Opening a case on Joey Campbell … a big step forward for Ashe and Preston. Their digging for the truth is paying off. The police department is coming under more and more scrutiny. We got a look at the governor’s personal life. Her daughter zeroed in on mom’s non answer when asked if she would send her teen to a racially mixed public school. I’m assuming the man with the gun who shot Joey was the one sent to kill Cory.

    A jam-packed episode. For me every scene advanced the story and forcibly pulled me further into this world.

    1. Ha…I’m even starting to love the Breeland style…plaid shirts with white tee shirts…Steve makes everything look good.

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