Stephen Moyer Says he will be “gutted” when True Blood Ends

Stephen Moyer at Bafta Tea PartyStephen Moyer says he didn’t expect the show to be such a success, and will be “gutted” when True Blood ends for the last time.

Stephen talks about how the cast members were happy with the fans showing their support when the announcement of the end of the season was announced.



  1. Sooo stupid! U get people loving this show, waiting every summer, and now its being taken away!? Im devastated by this. True Blood forever!!!

  2. We’ll be gutted, too. One more season. Sadly, all good things must
    come to an end. They are going out on top, and that’s the way it should
    be.  Stephen will have other projects, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in some wonderful new roles.

  3. Sad to see it end but pleased they will go out on a high note with most of the orginal cast intact. No doubt the writers are aware of the expectations from the fans for a great finale .  I don’t envy them of this burden.
    Stephen will shine in other projects  which I hope there are many but none perhaps more beloved than Bill Compton.

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