Stephen Moyer Says “Thank You” and Bill Compton says “Sookie”

Below are two videos with our favorite, Stephen Moyer.

steve says goodbye

finally online there is Stephen Moyer’s “Thank you” to the fans video which just came out today:

And, then this one of Bill calling, in only the way he can, “SOOKIE.” Watch a mashup of Bill’s best.

source: HBO/TrueBlood on Instagram


  1. I can’t believe its over Now what will I do. There is nothing like TB. It was a MASTERPIECE. For me it marked an era.

  2. I’m gonna miss the Character Bill terribly. He made one Sexy Vampire with that Sexy Louisiana accent and sharp style of dress. Hope to See more of Steve and the rest of the cast

  3. Treasured videos.  You are welcome, Stephen.  It has been our pleasure and joy to follow the adventures of William Compton, vampire extraordinaire.  You played this beautiful character to perfection.

    Your “Sookehs” will never be forgotten … part of the charm of Vampire Bill.

  4. You are most welcome Stephen but I assure you the pleasure was all ours following your stellar portrayal of  Bill.
    The God Mother of things Vampire,  Anne Rice favored Bill. That  is something to be proud of. 
    I never tire of hearing Bill say Sookeh.  What I wouldn’t give to hear Bill say my name.

  5. God, he is so good looking!  Now I want to go watch all the shows that go with those clips of Bill saying “Sookie”!  Thank you, Stephen!

  6. No one can say Sookie the way he does! It’s so sexy!! So sad they killed Bill & there’s no more TrueBlood except for dvd. :-(

  7. I love you Bill Compton and by the way no one say “Sookie” like you but I will miss you so much Vampire Bill :(

  8. there seems to be a blitz on the characters/actors from TrueBlood…it doesn’t take away the fact that the finale sucked.

  9. Off topic but where’s Snoop and his Oh Sookie video? LoL
    Would’ve been nice to see him in the show too.

  10. I completely fell inlove with his character in this scene….something so tragic and lost in love… wasn’t what I hoped but still a great sad love story…..and yes quite sexy

  11. Thank you Stephen for telling that story in the dog park a few years ago, because every single day I get to say “Sookie” or “Sook” to get my little rescued JRT dog’s attention…and never was there a better name for her!  The rescue group had called her Jackie but I wasn’t having that.  She’s definitely a Sookie, baby.

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