Stephen Moyer says he has a “Dream Gig” in True Blood

In the video below from one of the practice sessions for the upcoming Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix, which will take place this Saturday, April 16, Stephen Moyer talks about the three films he has done while on hiatus from True Blood, Priest, The Double and The Caller.

When asked if he ever gets any time off, he says he “I do alright“. He says, being in True Blood is a “dream gig, really





  1. Thanks, Lynn. I’m looking forward to Stephen’s up and coming films. I’m certain we’ll get Priest and am hopeful for the other two. As for True Blood, I’m anxiously awaiting the premiere and the resolution of Season 3’s cliffhangers … especially the Bill-QSA fight to the death. I’m glad to hear Stephen manages some time off during filming.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing Stephen’s films. It’s great he has some time for himself during the busy filming season of TB.

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