Stephen Moyer says he got into racing by being a “bad boy”!

In the video below, while at the Toyota Celebrity/Pro Long Beach Grand Prix warmups last week, Stephen Moyer talks with Kennedy of 987FMradio about what got him into racing.

He says that it was by being a “bad boy” at the age of 13 when he got caught and that he has always loved it.  He goes on to say that “when I was asked to participate in this race, I was just all over it like a cheap suit.”

When talking about True Blood and why there isn’t more male nudity? He replies, “we have the most male nudity of any show in the history of television!





  1. Haha, he is so funny and so sweet. Just lovely laughter – love it. And girls- don’t worry, Steve is gonna get some more penises for us in the show;))

  2. What fun! Alan, I hope you were listening to the last part of the interview. Yes, please. I vote for that as well.

    Great interview. I enjoyed getting some background on Stephen’s driving history. After a very early start, here he is racing at the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Long Beach Grand Prix. Wishing him all the best on Saturday.

  3. Ok is anyone else having trouble with the audio in this vid? Anyone? Please help I’ve tried it a bunch of different ways and when Stephen and Kennedy come on all I hear are muffled sounds.

  4. That’s what I’ve heard, too…that he gives good…interviews. Uh-huh. Heading over now to google “domestic elephant, male”.

  5. Each interview with Stephen gets better abd better…if that is even possible! Kudos to Kennedy,she is smart and it shows.
    GO Stephen Go!!!

  6. She was a great interviewer. After a second viewing, what I really love, and that I’ve noticed before, is that whenever he says something risque, he kind of giggles kind of sheepishly afterward. Ever the naughty boy.

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