Stephen Moyer rocks pink bathrobe in new episode of ‘Jan’

We have seen Stephen in various types of bathrobes in True Blood, but never a pink mini thingy as in the fourth episode of Jan that was released today.

Enjoy and stay tuned for a new episode on Friday.

JAN: Episode 4 of 15 — “Uncanned“:
Gery’s efforts create intriguing questions for Jan’s roommate, Vanessa (Laura Spencer), and Jan learns the consequences of her actions at the shoot.


Also check out the behind the scenes videos.


  1. #4 and two BTS vids.  This is great fun.  A new kind of filmmaking.  Stephen wearing that short pink robe will stay with me for a long, long time.

  2. That pink bathrobe is hilarious! Interesting to hear everybody’s take on this new way of film making. I watch nothing at the moment of original broadcast, I watch when it best suits me.

  3. Love this series! Stephen playing an amazingly sexy actor shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for him. : ) He’s magnificent in the role and is clearly game for anything if he’s willing to don a tiny pick bathrobe. Keep it coming!

  4. Is it wrong that I never want this series to end? I am enjoying the heck out of it! And Stephen is more sexy with each passing episode.

  5. I’m loving this series and its such a treat to see Stephen in a sexy comedy for a change (Starter Wife’s the last one I can think of). He would be perfect in a romcom.

      1.  @Shadaliza
         I’m with you @Shadaliza  and I’m sure every fan of his agrees;  perhaps comedies are not considered “serious acting” (few awards go to comedies) so they are last to be considered or no good offers and or timing issues have not been right for him.

  6. Stephen is just so ‘game!’  We love that about him. We also love that he looks so damn good in a shortie pink cover-up that’s not covering too much up!
    Loved the “your batteries are low” line!
    This is so much fun to click on and enjoy after a busy day.

  7. OMG !! Stephen i a man who  gave the words “pink bathrobe ” a whole new meaning …
    Thank you, Stephen !!

  8. Stephen is hysterical in this, and soooo easy on the eyes. The random showering cracked me up, and the shorty robe was priceless! I want more Gery/Vanessa interaction, so cute.

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