Stephen Moyer rocked the Hollywood Bowl with “Chicago”

Ashlee Simpson and Stephen Moyer

Ashlee Simpson and Stephen MoyerLots of positive reactions on Twitter about the opening night show of “Chicago”.

Stephen Moyer was brilliant and the show was fantastic!

The first videos of last night’s show have surfaced. Enjoy Stephen as Billy Flynn performing “We both reached for the gun” with Ashlee Simpson.

And Samantha Barks Performs “I Can’t Do It Alone”.


  1. I’m speechless! I had no idea that Stephen was that talented. Absolutely awesome!!!!! Great job Stephen!!

  2. AWESOME!!!  Incredible job by Stephen.  I watched “Gun” multiple times over at The Vault and have done likewise here.  WooHoo!!  Also enjoyed Samantha Barks “I Can’t Do It Alone.”  
    Thanks for providing the videos.  I am so grateful to get this chance to see Stephen on stage.

  3. I am so happy and thankful for this video.  I am absolutely swooning over Stephen in his portrayal as Billy Flynn. He is flawless!!!

  4. I had no doubt he was going to be great but my gawd he is fabulous.
    Thanks so much for posting for all of us too far away  to attend.

  5. OMG.   i’m speechless.  i’m  completely blown away.
    congrats to Stephen for his fantastic rendition of. that song.
    i’m going back to watch again!!

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