Stephen Moyer reveals MAJOR SPOILERS for True Blood’s final season

stephenmoyer-major spoilersWait! Don’t get all upset, below is a cute and funny video that Stephen Moyer recorded when he was recently on the Conan O’Brien show.

Stephen reveals some hilarious (and we hope aren’t real) spoilers about what we can expect in the final episodes of True Blood. He tells us that in Bill’s final moments of life he performs a bitching harmonica solo and there are three things that can kill a vampire, sunlight, a wooden stake and “gluten” and much more.

Stephen is truly one very funny guy!!!
Watch it below:



  1. Hilarious!!! Can’t watch it without cracking up! Steve is fuckin’ awesome!!!! Bill better not die, he should turn human damnit!!

  2. In the books Sookie ended with Sam Merlotte…Oah well, I guess if Sookie can’t have Bill, as much as I love Eric but she much better off with Sam then Eric…according to the books anyhow. Still truly hope somehow Sookie would end with Bill…I love Bill!!

  3. See that’s what I thought, but I had the same argument with a girl when Eric burned up at the end of last season. She said that he’s going to be back because that’s who sookie ends up with.

  4. The show has never followed the storyline from the books. In the books there was also a “weretiger” and “werepanthers” which Jason was attacked and turned every full moon but not on the series!

  5. really going to miss true blood. hbo should continue with a series on the fairies,then our favorite vampires can have walk on parts every now and and then…

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