Stephen Moyer Records some WEEV’s today

weevTonight is the last night of True Blood and, as we previously reported, Stephen Moyer will be answering your questions tonight on Twitter.

Below are links to that video additional WEEV’s that Steve has recorded today asking you to “Sum up your predictions for the true blood finale….” and “What r your favorite moments of True Blood?”


Watch the WEEV’s with Steve by clicking on the links below:

Thank u for being true to the end. What r your favourite moments of True Blood?

Sum up your predictions for the true blood finale….

Tonite @ 11pm PST I’ll b live on Weev & Twitter to answer any q’s. Come join me!

AND, don’t forget to download the WEEV APP from iTunes so you can record your own WEEV videos and answer Stephen’s questions above. To download, click on the iTunes button below:

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