Stephen Moyer Receives Praise For His Performance in ‘The Barrens’

Stephen Moyer The Barrens

Stephen Moyer The BarrensThe Barren’s Review by Shock ’til You Drop praises Stephen Moyer’s performance in his latest film, “The Barrens” which is now released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

They say:

Kudos to Moyer in this film. He really sells the character and shows that he can indeed be more than just a two-pronged actor as he is in True Blood (Sookie, Sookie, Sookie or vampire, vampire, vampire). The anguish over his mental state and his untrusting family is written all over his face. Simultaneously, he is incredibly sinister and sad. It is a fascinating and impressive feat.

We highly recommend that you see this film and due to its limited release, be sure to get the DVD or Blu-Ray. You can purchase them by clicking on the image below:

Read the entire interview by going to:


  1. Thrilled to read this.  I expected Stephen’s performance to be memorable, and this review confirms it.  Thanks for providing, Lynn.

  2. Stephen is phenomenal in this film. I felt such pity for Richard but he was so freakin scary . I would not turn my back to him for one second.  You want to console him and run from him at the same time. Nobody but Stephen could emote such different ends of the spectrum so flawlessly.

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