Stephen Moyer readies to start filming The Bastard Executioner

Stephen Moyer is in the UK and is getting ready for filming of his new Kurt Sutter series, “The Bastard Executioner”, or “TBX” to begin on March 19.  Stephen is to play the street smart and noble Milus Corbett, one of Ventris’ marshals in the army. 

Although we know that Stephen can ride a horse as he demonstrated in several films from his past, i.e. Prince Valiant, etc., we also know that he can fall off, which happened while filming True Blood’s Season 3, Episode 1, when he rode behind Denis O’Hare on a white steed. We posted about this fall back in January 9, 2010.


He also vacations in Montana often with his family and rides there. Below is a photo of Stephen from a post we made last summer when he was in Montana riding a horse named, Dexter.

Steve on Dexter

We imagine that learning how to deal with riding on a medieval saddle might need some training, or perhaps he’s just getting a refresher courses in riding. No matter what, we’re excited to see that things are really getting busy on the series project.

Below Stephen takes a “selfie” with his horse (at least for the day), “Bram.”

My transport for the day – Bram.

One caution to Stephen: “Please be sure to stay safe.”

source: Stephen Moyer on Instagram.


  1. I hope he is safe, too.  Great photos.   That first one brings back great memories of Season 3 TB.  He looks like such a man in the Montana photo.  Makes a girl swoon.  The last one makes me super excited for #TBX.

  2. Great pic.  Wondering if Bram will indeed be Stephen’s steed for the series.  and they taking some time to get acquainted prior to filming? 
    So excited TBX is underway .

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