Listen to Stephen Moyer’s radio interview with BBC’s George Lamb

George LambThis morning Stephen Moyer and his son Billy were in the BBC Studios for a live radio interview with George Lamb.

Stephen spoke about vampires and True Blood and about skateboarding with Splash. Billy is not very impressed by his father’s skateboarding skills nor by his surfing skills. Further Stephen speaks about living in LA and his appearance last night on the Jonathan Ross show.

Click on the player to listen to the interview.



  1. I listened at The Vault … practically the first thing I did this morning. Stephen was delightful and entertaining as always. So nice that his son could be there with him.

    I can’t think of a better start to my day.

    Thanks, Shad, for posting the interview here.

  2. I also listened first thing this morning, what a fun, relaxed interview. Stephen is as charming as ever and nice interplay with his son, love how he calls him “mate.” Thanks for posting!

  3. Very cute interview. I love hearing him laugh, and we got plenty of that in this interview. Very fun to listen to!

  4. Yes, a great interview, except the interviewer talked over the interviewee a little too much.
    I wonder how it is for SM’s son to be (in the public eye) with his father, who has been away a lot over the last 2 + years. It must be kind of strange, this noteriety.
    I agreee with the other posts, it is wonderful to hear SM laugh, it’s infectious.
    It sounds like SM is an Essex boy at heart, and will never assimilate into the LA scene comptelely. Which makes him even more down-to-earth and genuine.

  5. Relaxed and fun interview. How nice Billy is making the rounds with his dad today. I bet they were off to do something fun. I like Billy’s honesty and that he is a polite young man. No doubt it is strange to his kids people are so enamoured with their father. To them he is daddy, as it should be. I hope their time together is not intruded upon by fans or paps.

    1. Totally agree with you WillKill. I hope that Stephen and his son get to spend some good quality time together before he has to jet back to LA. Thanks for posting Shad!

  6. I would’ve loved to see him during the interview, but I’m just as in love with his voice so this was quite a treat. Stephen makes me laugh, he’s just so entertaining! Thanks for the clip.

  7. Insightful interview. Let me get this straight, the Jonathan Ross interview is not live and they edited out half of Stephen’s interview. Oh to have been a fly (shifter) on the wall and heard it all. haha
    As we have all said, its just great to hear his voice, in any accent on the radio, Tv, anywhere.

    1. “its just great to hear his voice, in any accent on the radio, Tv, anywhere.” Absolutely, ITA. He lifts my spirits, no matter what my mood.

  8. I really enjoyed his radio interview. I was picturing on his skateboard with Splash pulling him along. I don’t think he would take Banjo on that journey, probably to rambuctious at this point.

    I would love to hear him on our local morning radio here in MSP, KQ. Not far fetched as they frequently have guests that are very well known. It is one of the top morning drive shows in the country. He would fit right in with hosts.

    Anyway, it was a great start to my afternoon. I could listen to him talk all day long. Billy was so cute, kind of shy. Stephen is such a great dad.

  9. Stephen is always so genuine during his interviews. My favorite is when he tells little stories about things that happen in his life, like the Hawaii trip where little Billy got right up on his first wave, It was so cute to hear him sound like the proud daddy.

  10. I just listened to this at the vault….I am SO amazed by him every time I see/hear an interview and his voice is just to die for like the rest of him. :P
    Great interview as always, and DANG his voice is so sexy!
    Love what a great dad he is too. There is so much to love about this beautiful man and I haven’t yet found anything not to love…and I don’t think I ever will. He’s just so amazing. Love him!!

  11. What a great interview!!!

    Stephen had us laughing as usual! I loved that he brought his son Billy with him. It has probably been so hard with all his projects, TB, giving interviews and all the traveling involved to see his family.

    This man is such a total package of hot sexiness and wholesome goodness!! Does that sound right?? I don’t care cuz that is what he is.
    What an gorgeous amazing man!

    Keep that energy going Stephen!!!

  12. He eats the whole in the donut -haha. Aw sweet Steven, love him more and more with every interview. What a fresh and genuine man. I love that Billy took part in it too, i think he is shy. keep on being the coolest guy in the world Steve, we will love you more for it.

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