Stephen Moyer races in the #Mint400 Race in the Vegas desert

On Saturday Stephen Moyer and Goran Višnjić got the opportunity to race in the #Mint400 Race in Las Vegas. Stephen said it was an incredible opportunity even if they didn’t win.

#Mint400 Race
Left is Goran Višnjić and third is Stephen Moyer with their crew.

Tiffany, who was at the race, shared this about the boys racing experience which was told to her by Steve:

He (Stephen) talked about the race and the whole experience he had, which he said had been a total madhouse. He also said that he had tons of Red Bull earlier due to the early start and I commented,  ‘And now here you are getting coffee.’ He said he couldn’t help it, he loved coffee.

He talked about how he had been in second place in the race but then popped his tire when hitting a rock that ended up making their team take the last place. However, he said he still had a blast.

And below is what Steve had to say about it on Instagram:

Amazing day racing @themint400 We were running in second place in our class. Then I went and got a blow out in the rock quarry.. a 15-minute wheel change by my brilliant navigator Jeff, as cars came whistling by him at 100mph, and we finally got home. @goran_visnjic drove a great first leg. Huge thanks to @rolexracer70 for the invite & @mattmartelli for this incredible opportunity. Also @zero1tours for the cars. #themint400

In the video below, we see Steve as he works on his helmet with his “tiny tools.”  

@themint400 @stephenmoyer @rolexracer70 #mint400

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And now some photos of Steve from the #Mint400 video above.

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