Stephen Moyer Pulls Out of 35th Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race

After much thought and consideration, and at the request of his producers, Stephen Moyer has decided not to take part in the 35th annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race. Stephen has pulled out of the race in consideration of the cast and crew of his show True Blood, which is currently in production.

While I’m disappointed I won’t be racing today, I know it’s in the best interest of my ‘True Blood’ family,” said Moyer. “I look forward to cheering on my fellow racers and following all the race-day action.”

In Moyer’s absence, actor William Fichtner will take the pole position in today’s race. As pole-position winner in Friday’s qualifying session, Moyer designated his $15,000 donation in conjunction with the 14th annual People Pole Award to the charity Facing the Atlantic. Facing the Atlantic is a project to raise funds for the humanitarian organization Facing the World, which is a U.K. charity that provides life-changing facial reconstructive surgery for children with severe facial disfigurements who are not able to access the surgery that they need in their own countries.

You too can give to Facing the Atlantic and support Stephen Moyer’s charity by making a direct donation to Facing The Atlantic here

Please note: add the code TB4FTA (True Blood for Facing The Atlantic) to the note of your donation so we can keep track of how much was donated by True Blood / Stephen Moyer fans.




  1. I knew HBO would not be thrilled with yesterday’s crash/flip. I’m happy Steve got to race in the qualifying round – and win!! – and I’m also glad that he decided to pull out of today’s race. His safety is the important thing.

    We love you, Steve!!

  2. Damn Trueblood powers that be, first you take Bills sideburns and now you guilt him into not racing. This is poo.

    I havent sulked since I was a kid.
    I’m sulking now.

  3. While disappointed that he will not race I am quite relieved. After hearing of yesterdays car flipping it illustrates the dangers involved. I appreciate every care is taken to keep the celebrities safe and it is all for a great cause but ultimately putting your life at risk is not worth it. You may say HBO is looking after its pockets but I imagine Steve is thinking of his wife and children. It must have been a very scary thing to experience and if we are fortunate none of us ever will.

      1. When you told me had flipped the car this morning I swear my heart stopped. I have nothing but relief for him no longer doing the race but I am very sad for him that he cannot finish what he started. I am so chuffed that he did manage to walk away winning the £15,000 for Facing the Atlantic. I am sure he would be more disappointed to have had to walk away with nothing after all he hard work he put in.

      2. I think he had his moment in the sun and is happy with that. It may have been hard work, but I think it was very enjoyable hard work.

  4. Disappointed, but was half expecting it, after yesterday’s accident. Better to be safe! At least he won all that money for Facing the Atlantic, that was an excellent achievement, well done Stephen!

  5. I’m disappointed that we won’t get to see Steve win, and I’m sure he’s disappointed that he won’t get to win, but I do understand HBO’s reluctance to lose their star in case of an accident, especially after yesterday’s crash. It’s quite obvious that Steve’s testosterone got the best of him which lead to him making an error. Wise choice Steve. You’re still our champion. xxx

  6. I am disappointed and relieved at the same time!
    But I am good with Steve’s decision no matter what. As long as we get some pics and interviews!
    I have to say, yesterday was exciting for me, so Steve must have been on a big time rush!
    He got major publicity for himself and HBO! They should be proud!

  7. What is this f….g nonsense! Giving up before the last race and the opportunity to win???

    I am so disappointed and I understand that Stephen is there as well.

    If HBO did not want him be there they could say it from the beginning. It is NOT FAIR to let anyone train for two months, hope to win something that you love and dream about and then say no before the last race!! Or do not HBO understand what racing is all about ????? Are you playing with Stephens and our feelings HBO or what???

    He could run it anyway, he said he does not win .. Even his family came to look at him!

    Some chances, we only get once in our lives. If we do not take them so they’re gone. this is one such occasion.

    I hope you are ashamed HBO!

    1. I kind of agree with you. If they were concerned for his safety why didn’t they tell him sooner. I guess the car flip freaked them out but wasn’t that always a possibilty. Gosh first he loses his chance to be a cowboy in the Big Valley and now this. Too bad.

      1. Way I see it, its HBO over reacting. He breaked to late on the corner and flipped the car…thus the likely hood is that he wouldnt have done it again as he’d know how to handle the corner at that speed.
        A flip like that happens quite often and they often absorb the energy from the collision so that no real damage is done as long as the driver is secured correctly,which he was. Its not THAT dangerous.
        I feel really peeved at the idea that Steve has had to stop doing something he was so passionate about and alot of people travelled to see.
        Poor bloke

  8. Wonderful videos and pictures and so many of them! very glad he did not get hurt also, but super happy he got the money for the charity. He does so much for charity, I never know where he finds the time. Very very glad he did not get hurt. Forget the race, now, we want him in perfect health and not hurt. Thanks to TPTB for insisting he pull out of the race, but another actor gets to take his pole position, that’s cool!

    All in all, thanks much to Lynnpd and Shadaliza for the coverage. It looked hot and dusty out there! We are huge NASCAR fans so I am waiting for the team he says Anna is putting together for him since he loves racing so much. That will be fun!

  9. It’s not the World Cup, it’s not the end of the world.
    Congratulations to Stephen for winning prize for charity!
    Congratulations to everyone who was worried for him!
    All’s well that ends well.

    Lynnpd and Shadaliza – you rock!

  10. Stephen, your health comes first, what you do for charity is wonderful, but I guess there are other ways to do it without risk your health. I’m so glad that you didn’t get hurt….well I guess you got some bruises but anyway. You are a winner in lot’s of other things, think about that …

  11. I am so sorry for Stephen that it came to him pulling out of the final race, but I understand what’s going on, once the flipped car photos got around he had no choice due to the “I will not go snowboarding, skydiving, or flip my race car clause” in his contract. I don’t envy him the pressure he was under leading up to the decision.
    ‘He’s in it to win it’ determination makes me one proud Billsbabe and the #1 pole position stands as does the $15000 charity win for Facing the Atlantic. Stephen’s #1!

  12. We love you Stephen!!!!!!! I donated today to you cause. I hoep more do and support you in this wonderful cause.
    I am so sorry they didn’t let you race. i understand why and honor that you were so kind to your TV family. We want you safe but we know you are disappointed and will miss being out there. So you know I am hugging you and Anna and are there for you.
    You will always be a winner to us and good luck in your future endevors.
    Attention Bill’Babes donate and support our man.

  13. I’m kind of glad HBO pulled the pulled the plug on his racing – once you’re injured, there’s no going back and no one wants to see that happen. Stephen is probably disappointed but HBO is his boss so what else can he do? Happy he won money yesterday for his charity-it’s what it’s all about any how. Stephen is already a winner to me.

    1. Either let HBO him to train and run, he could crash the car at the training … or stop him from beginning. I am against this double morality of the HBO …
      All our emotions play no role. Then there is Stephane who was badly treated. And that’s where we must protest.
      HBO was well aware of what race means. How would today’s race stop-we will never know. We could have a happiest man in the world …

  14. My question is this: why on earth was he scheduled to work all night long before driving in the qualifying race? It’s not surprising that he ran into trouble going on only an hour or two of sleep.

  15. Congrats to Stephen for yesterday’s pole position placement and more importantly the money he receive for his charity! Great Job! I am sorry to hear that he will not be racing today. I’m glad he is okay after yesterday’s car flip (please don’t scare your babes like that again LOL!)

  16. I left a comment, but is gone…………….

    I know this is something he wanted to do but he probably made a good decision pulling out of the race. Great news for his charity!! and I’m thankful he is okay.

  17. While I’m disappointed that he won’t be racing, I understand the reason behind it. Everyone had quite a scare with the accident yesterday, and even though Steve was unhurt, I’m sure it gave everyone pause. Nothing wrong with erring on the side of caution.

    It’s all good. He showed he had the chops top race, and he won a good chunk of money for his charity.

  18. Very good question:: HBO. halo? Why did you do it???
    HBO has earned lots of money on him to promote TB and win the first race .. then … Shame on you HBO!

  19. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to see Stephen race. On the flip side, no pun intended, he won pole position and $15,000 for Facing the Atlantic!! I’m super proud of him!

  20. I’m sure Stephen is disappointed. “At the request of his producers” is pretty definitive. Yesterday was scary for him and his family, and that includes his True Blood family. Also for those of us watching and reading about the flip. He won the money for Facing the Atlantic, and that is wonderful. As I understand it, that was his main goal. My hat is off to you, Stephen.

    Insurance issues (this came into play) loom large. I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of the story. I know I’m proud of Stephen for his hard work and commitment to Facing the Atlantic.

    And to you, Lynn and Shad, major kudos for your commentary, interviews and videos. We were beautifully kept in the loop, and that is much appreciated.

  21. I called it lastnight. I had a feeling HBO would pull him.
    I am disappointed because Stephen is disappointed and I think he would have won but he hasn’t disappointed us or his charity. HBO can not risk their leading man on their #1 show. There is too much at stake ( no pun intended) and frankly I was surprised they initially gave him the green light. It is their prerogative to pull him out of the race as he is under contract. No doubt the accident had them shaking in their boots. I am sure his family share in his disappointment but breathed a sigh of relief.
    On a personal note he gave me few grey hairs yesterday and I would be devastated if something were to happen to him.

  22. I was there and when he explained why he couldn’t race, you can tell he really wanted to do it but was a bit disappointed.

  23. No surprise here that HBO pulled in the reins. If Stephen hadn’t “flipped out” yesterday evrything would have been fine. I can understand why HBO did it but I feel that actors have a life outside of work (as we all do) and should be able to persue whatever hobbies they enjoy. They all knew he was practicing for this and sometimes shit happens. Just sayin…. Anyway enough of my commentary. The real winner here, besides Stephen, is Facing the Atlantic charity so kudos to them! At least Stephen was able to gain something for all the work he put into the race.

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