Stephen Moyer Pre-True Blood Photos from 1999 and 2005

Below are some photos we’ve recently acquired of Stephen Moyer from his pre-True Blood days. We have lots of photos from Stephen’s previous films and TV projects, but never saw these before. 

The first photo is from a photo shoot with Mark Harrison from March 1999. Mark Harrison is a well-known celebrity photographer in Britain.

The second one is a photo taken with Stephen’s, “Men Only” co-star, Mark Warren at the Challenge TV’s Celebrity poker night, at Soho Lounge, London April 20, 2005. Since “Men Only” was released in 2001, this might have been a reunion of the two co-stars.

Great photos!

photo shoot with Mark Harrison from March 1999

with Mark Warren (Stephen’s “Men Only” co-star) at
Challenge TV’s Celebrity poker night,
Soho Lounge, London April 20, 2005

To see more photos from the Challenge Poker night, click here.

To go to the album for the Mark Harrison photo, click here,  (We hope to have more photos soon).


  1. Always fun to see any of the 1990’s photos…his younger, boyish-looking self. And the reunion with Mark Warren, at the poker night…would love to see more of those.

  2. Love to see any photos of Stephen. Thanks. I must say, although very attractive then…he definitely proves that aging can be a positive thing. He just seems to get better looking.

      1. Amen to that. If he stays on this course imagine what he’ll be like in 5 or 10 years. THUD!!!

  3. OK, that must have been one h*ll of a poker night. Those guys look completely smashed! But I bet it was a lot of fun.
    Stephen looks so young in the first photo, but then again, he was!
    Our guy – always hot, always intriguing, always with a twinkle in his eye!

    1. They are not smashed. When did you ever see anyone drink alcohol with a straw!!! Also, if you look at some of the other photos you see there is a lemon in the drink. I think it’s iced tea.

      1. I do not mean to disparage Stephen or his friend. I am remembering my earlier days, and I surely recognize that glazed-eyed look. And I would never intimate that there was any other imbibing going on! So I’ll just say they look tired. LOL!
        Actually, I have seen drinks consumed through straws – but, to be honest, I have only seen women do that. What a mistake that is!

      2. I thought women did that to prevent messing up their lipstick. You see actresses and models do it all the time when they’re “made up” for a shoot

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