Stephen Moyer prays for safe trip to New York

Oh, Stephen Moyer you are so funny and cute!

Below a photo of Stephen Moyer that he posted on his Twitter account today. He captions the photo “Praying for a safe flight tonight.” I wonder where he’s flying to? Could he be going to NY for the Peter Pan live performance tomorrow night? Seems like that is the case since he adds some tags to his post that give it away. No matter what, we remember when he dressed up like this last year when doing The Sound of Music. What a jokester he is! Don’t you agree?


source: Stephen Moyer on Twitter


  1. ok got to ake if wemon can become minsters and vicrers can men become nuns it seems only fare and can men use wemon only places they trake over our places which have men only on them so can we go into there places some how i dont think so.

  2. l don’t think he’s going to New York to see Peter Pan. Peter does fly via cables during the production. That’s what he is referring to.

  3. That’s actually a beautiful photo of him!  Incredibly funny!  His sense of humor always catches me off guard.  I thought he was cheering on the Peter Pan cast with the tweet, but then saw another tweet that he was “gutted” not to be able to watch it live as he would be getting on a plane.  Since he sent it to Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, producers of Peter Pan Live, I guess he meant he was praying for the show and the flight.  Do we know if he was definitely flying to New York?  Would seem strange to fly all the way across the country to watch Peter Pan when the show doesn’t even have an audience.  I know, he played the crocodile!!!

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