Stephen Moyer Praises Sam Trammell as Actor and Talks Directing

At yesterday’s Comic Con 2012 True Blood Panel, another topic that came up was Stephen’s role as director of Season 5, Episode 8. It was truly wonderful to hear Stephen talk about his desire to direct, and how he begged Alan Ball to allow him to do so. Finally, after several requests, and shadowing one of the True Blood directors, Alan Ball granted his request.

Stephen talks all about the experience in the video below that I shot during the panel. He particularly talks about how he enjoyed working with Sam. He said that Sam is an amazing actor and had one of the toughest jobs on his episode that any actor could have. Personally, I can’t wait to see that one.


  1. What a delightful bit! Thanks, Lynn, for sharing it with us. So glad Alan finally said “yes,” and Stephen got to live his directing dream. Sounds like he is aces at it. I hope there will be more directorial opportunities in his future.
    Looking forward to Sam’s performance in this episode.

  2. Wonderful clip!  He’s so funny, so genuine.  I almost think he might be a better director than an actor…no, let’s just say he’s probably as good at directing as he is at acting.  ‘Course I’m saying all this before we see his effort, but still….

  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing Stephen’s True Blood directorial debut. Stephen calling Sam, “Sammy”, too cute.

  4.  Sam Trammell summed it up, as he enumerated the episode components Stephen was responsible for:  Pre-production, production (shooting), and post-production of episode 8, as well as acting in his own role, as Bill Compton. 
    No wonder Anna said she was a “widow” for a time!  I’m sure he was barely home.  But he just loved it so much, and his cast loved him doing it, so it’s a win/win for TB!

  5. This pumps me up even more to see his episode. I want to see it like yesterday! And I can’t wait to see whats in store for Sam. Must be pretty big.

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