Stephen Moyer poses with a Big Knife on his Movie set

Stephen Moyer was photographed with a Cold Steel Knife on the set of his new movie and the knife’s maker posted the photo on Twitter.

They write:
Cold Steel@Coldsteelknives 9h9 hours ago
Check it out! @TrueBloodHBO‘s @_smoyer on-set for a new movie project – and rockin’ a @Coldsteelknives Natchez Bowie!

We think it must be for his current film, “Juveniles.”  Stephen seems to be rockin’ a “goatee.” Looks good, I’d say. What do you think?


source:  Coldsteelknives on Twitter


  1. That is some big knife!   Is he up to no good?  The goatee is better than the full beard, but I still like his pretty face clean shaven.

  2. That’s some knife you got there Mister! I don’t think he’s going to be the good guy in this flick….
    Love the goatee, but then I loved the beard too.

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