Stephen Moyer to play football for charity in Essex this summer

Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer is one of the confirmed celebrities to join the UK3 Lions in a charity game of football.

The UK3 Lions is a football team of Musicians, Celebs and Personalities whose prime goal is supporting communities playing Charity Matches and hosting concerts around the world.

The game will take place at the end of June at a to be determined Essex football club. We’ll post more info as soon as it comes available. Would be nice to have a choir of Moyerists there to cheer Stephen on.

source: @JustJenny25



  1. As ever so generous with his time and charitible works, good on you Steve, you are a legend.
    Can’t wait to read more and add support if possible to yet another worthy cause.

  2. It’s my birthday in June!
    I wonder if I can persuade hubby to take me to Essex for the weekend?  I’d love to support Stephen and his charities.

  3. This sounds perfect for Steve with him playing football and helping others and in Essex to boot. Thank you Shad for bringing the info to us Billsbabes and Moyerist and we will be cheering and supporting him all the way.

  4. Stephen seems to really enjoy football (soccer) and I think it’s great that he will be participating.  I remember when he played with the British team here in 2009. Have fun Steve.

  5. So TB would have wrapped by then!  It sounds like it might be a nice time for the whole family to go to the UK!  If I could, I’d go and cheer Stephen on – what fun!
    I remember in 2009 Stephen and Anna told an interviewer they had just left the TB set and gone straight to the field.
    This time that won’t be an issue, thank goodness.

      1. @AphroditeMF not much of a sports fan myself, but have always had a man in the house who is (first dad and now Mr. Shad)

  6. Maybe it’s time to brush up on UK football rules.  I played “soccer” in my youth but that’s been many, many, many, many , and even more many’s years ago.

  7. Keep us posted please – Essex is pretty cold at the moment – looking forward to warm summer months and a footie match too :-)

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