Stephen Moyer in People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly

Below are scans that include True Blood and Stephen Moyer from two magazines, People Magazine for July 11 and Entertainment Weekly for July 8-15.

Open the images in a new tab or window to see a larger view to read the articles.



Thanks to TypeONeg for the scans.

sources: People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly


  1. Thanks, Lynn, for the treats, and oneg, for the scans.

    I’m not a phonenapper. However, I have a theory … it will turn up when he least expects it.

  2. I don’t believe Bill for a second. He’s saying it because he has to for some reason and not because it’s true. It doesn’t jive with the actual events of the past 3 seasons. Since it was v-dealing that caused the queen’s downfall he could have turned her in and had her executed without involving Sookie. I know I sound like an absolute fangirl for saying that but I don’t care. For me it has always been about Bill.

    1. So that comment was in regards to the EW article, the one with the picture of Sookie pretending to be interested in the (unflattering adjective withheld) other guy to make Bill jealous.

      I’ll have to pick up the People magazine. Dislocated ankle – I think that strange sight would have made me pass out. I wonder if the whole family plays on the trampoline or just Splash? It’s interesting when a magazine reaches back that far for a picture. My but his hair was black then. And I did not take the phone, but if I had within a day it would have been lost.

    2. Oh, I figure Bill might say stuff like that to distance himself from Sookie, and he may even say it to her. But all you have to do is look at Bill’s immediate reaction to Sookie’s return, the aftermath of his fight with QSA, and the upcoming scene with Jess to know Bill’s true feelings. Bill getting his king on will definitely have it’s high and low points.

  3. What a nice little treat. I can’t wait to get my hands on People. Such a cute little interview.

    Thanks for providing the scans, oneg!

  4. I think he should check with Grammy Pickles to see if she “borrowed” his phone. A girls gotta keep in touch.

    I cringe to think of the ankle injury. That is no small injury.

    I want to hear Stephen’s/Bill’s voice on my phone so I can’t blame Anna for calling him and wanting an answer pdq.
    I want Bill’s voice as my out going message for my cell phone. :)

  5. That EW photo loolks like an Eric dream don’tyou think? She’s wearing a red dress, acting sleazy , Bill is there, but she’s lookihng at Eric instead…yeah…this has ERic fantasy written all over it.

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