Stephen Moyer opens up about premature birth of twins

The twins Poppy and Charlie were born in September 2012, 10 weeks premature. Earlier Stephen described the situation after their birth as “touch and go”, but until now we did not know how serious it actually was. Stephen Moyer opens up about it in an interview with Digital Spy.

“My twins were born early and my son [weighed] a pound and a half.  We were lucky enough to have the most incredible facilities and help, but some children in other countries might not have had those possibilities. Of course it makes you think about all sorts of fallibility in your own life.”

One more good reason to support Soccer Aid and their fundraiser for Unicef.

“It’s very moving,” Stephen said. “Of course we’re having a ball and it’s so much fun running around doing this nonsense, but it’s for UNICEF, which is an extraordinary [organization].”


  1. a bit of useless information for the night;) i too had a bub that early and its a scary time all the buttons bells and whitles but there is light at the end of the tunnel i now have a happy healthy 6 year old and im glad their babies have done well xoxoxo

  2. So very scary to have your child or children begin life in such a fragile state.  I’m happy the twins are doing so well, and your boy also, Melissa.  Thank goodness for UNICEF and the good work this organization does.

  3. When nothing much was being released right after their birth, I felt that perhaps their little lives might be in peril.  Luckily, they survived and are doing well. :-)

  4. That’s great to heard, I am happy for you, and your entire family that everything is getting great. God bless all of you

  5. This is one of the reasons why I like both Anna and Stephen as they are not like other celebs they are private people and don’t show of like other people do when they are famouse they keep to them selfs and get on with being parents and there acting I am so glad that there twins are doing good now.

  6. Being a mum of an early one due to pre eclampsia. Our children are of the same age, and guessing getting into all sorts of mischief :)

  7. I’m so glad Steven & Anna’s babies are doing ok and Anna is doing well- congrats on the little ones and thank u for all u two do to give back to the community. God bless ❤️

  8. I know only too well how scarey it is when a baby is premature out of my 6 children 5 were pre term at 32-34 weeks all were thankfully fine 2 youngest needed C-pap for a couple of days ,, they are now aged 19.17,16,11,10 and 6

  9. So glad they are doing well. My youngest was premature born at 24 weeks last August but he passed away in March. So thank God everyday you have healthy kids.

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