Stephen Moyer on Regis and Kelly at Prince Edward Island

This morning the segment in which Stephen Moyer appeared on the Live with Regis & Kelly show aired in the US. It had been recorded on July 12 while the show was taping a week on Prince Edward Island. Below is a video of his appearance and some screencaps. During the interview, Stephen spoke about falling off a horse while filming a scene in True Blood with Denis O’Hare who plays Russel Edgington, King of Mississippi. We reported on that event back on January 9 when it happened and you can read about it here.

Below are photos from the show:

Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island

Thanks to ThelLou and LifeIsNotEasy for the video and the screen caps.



  1. How charming Stephen was! Regis is about the worst interviewer ever, but Stephen handled it well and was delightful. Did anyone else notice the skin where his sideburns were is a little paler? Or was I looking too closely?

    1. I noticed it too! It’s cute how you can see the tan line from his sideburns.

      It was a pleasure to capture this vid because Stephen is such a charmer. I just wish Kelly would interview him alone – I could do without the Reege. Kelly was going to give us the scoop on all the ladies stalking Stephen backstage, and Reege interrupts because he wants to know why women love vampires. Um, because they look like Mr. Moyer? Doy.

      1. Another charming and entertaining interview from Stephen. I agree with you Lou- Kelly should have done the talking and Reege should have been part of the audience. I would have liked to hear all the stuff that went on with the Stephen stalking backstage. Loved the story about the lake house and how all the food they bought froze.

  2. ITA about Regis, doesn’t have a clue, sorry old man. This type of fly-by interview just doesn’t do justice to Stephen. He likes to talk and spin a yarn, just not enough time, I hate that he gets cut off. Would love to see him on the Actors Studio.

  3. Thanks to Life for the caps, Lou for the vid, and Lynn for posting.

    Stephen was charming as always. Wish Kelly could have done the entire interview. And I wish it had lasted longer.

    1. Ditto to Lou and Life!!
      And ditto to Kelly doing the interview- I like Reg, but Kelly has the pulse on vampires, so to speak. Like Leslie said above, I think Stephen could sit and talk for a spell, and we could think of some newer, insightful questions. He’s handsome as always!

  4. Charming interview, despite Reeg. Found it quite adorable that Stephen “awwed” with the crowd after mentioning 3 yrs. with Anna.

  5. Maybe the the Tonight show might be longer :) I agree with you all, He and Kelly seem to get on very well.

  6. I watched this morning and enjoyed seeing Stephen . It seemed to go so fast but he always leaves us wanting more. I am not a regular viewer of Regis and Kelly. She is a bit too flighty and he is so old guard and out of the loop but my vamp was a guest so I tuned in.
    Yeah girls I did notice the skin being lighter where his diggers had been. They must be recently departed. ;)

  7. I think he’s preparing for the spy movie. What a wonderful human being, errrrrr, vampire – LOL

    OK, sorry. He represents TB and also himself very very well.

  8. The most beautiful man on the planet strikes again!!! Could he BE any hotter?? :P

    I would have liked for Kelly to do the whole interview….she mentioned how the women on the show were backstage looking for his trailer then Weege changed the subject to the same questions he asked him last time he was on.
    Kelly knows what women would want to ask him…..I personally would love to know more about HIM, since we already know practically everything there is to know about the show.

  9. i saw this on tv!!
    love the fishy face lol
    and looks like he is tryin to tell us how big somethin is??
    silly boy

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