Stephen Moyer on how he preps for nude scenes on True Blood

Stephen Moyer tells about his method to look good in his True Blood nude scenes to Rachel Ray below. I’d say he was pretty successful, wouldn’t you?

A vampire’s diet may seem simple, but keeping an otherworldly figure is a bit more of a challenge, reveals ‘True Blood’ heartthrob Stephen Moyer.

I just shot a nudie scene for the third season of ‘True Blood,’ and when I have those, I don’t eat for, like, 13 days beforehand,” the actor tells Rachel Ray in the new issue of her magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray.

Like his character, Bill Compton’s preference for monotonous meals, Moyer can’t complain when it’s time to whip out his fangs.

When I drink ‘blood’ on the show, it’s actually sieved raspberries blended with a little bit of pomegranate juice,” he says. “Not a bad deal: Drink your girlfriend’s blood and be healthy, too.


  1. Im waiting for the backlash from this one, I mean hes obviously joking but I bet theres those people out there who go all other the top and be all ‘Stephen Moyer says STARVE YOURSELF if you wanna be hot’ DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN… God hes hot…I must focus, im sure i had a serious point to make…such pretty little nipp…*ahem*

    1. Actors and models eat very little before a nude shoot, can’t go out there with your belly full of chocolate cookies.

      1. Yes but 13 days? Thats obviously a Joke, because thats not eating very little, thats being Dead. And there are Idiots out there in the world who might take it seriously. Im worried, im a worrier lol

      2. No matter what he says there will always be people who misunderstand or lack the sense of humor to get the irony or joke.

  2. Just got the August issue of Rachel Ray’s mag, and the interview is worth a read…he talks about cooking, chutney, curry, etc. Quite entertaining.

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