Stephen Moyer in UK MORE! Magazine from…. 1999

Before True Blood Stephen Moyer never did a lot of press, so finding him in a magazine from 1999 is like a finding a rare treasure.

The April issue of the UK magazine MORE! featured a special to inform us girls how the other half thinks, including one page Q&A’s with several young and hot British actors. The 29 year old Stephen Moyer was one of the featured hunks.

In 1999 Stephen played the part of Dr Tom Scott in the series Life Support, where he appeared in 5 episodes. No doubt all his patients suffered from high blood pressure and heart palpitations as soon as Dr Tom stepped into the examination room.

Unfortunately Life Support is one of Stephen’s works that we haven’t seen yet, so if you know where to find it, please let us know.

Special thanks to the very generous Billsbabe who procured this magazine for


  1. This is a rare treat.  A lovely find.  Thank you, Shad, and the Billsbabe enabler who procured this magazine. 

      1.  @Shadaliza Yeah, i proberly did :D 1999, i was 18, so yeah proberly did. i used to love this magazine, was usually a bit rude, but it was an interesting way to learn about being a woman lol

      2.  @JayneSkudder There is a lot of sex talk, tips and tricks and stuff in that magazine LOL

  2. Oh my gosh, Stephen and Julie Hesmondhalgh!!! He should have a cameo in Coronation Street so they can act together – maybe Hayley could have an affair with him??!!

  3. Ah yes, Stephen was charming even 13 years ago, when he was just a young’n!
    I love his reply about the kind of women he likes:  “I’m not very fussy…..fat, thin, short, tall, all of them really.”
    Great answer, Stephen!  And you sure were cute!
    So lovely to see and hear Stephen from the past.  Much thanks to the generous Billsbabve who made it possible!

  4. Love stephen moyer so handsome..loved him in true blood and his wife Anna paquin…beautiful couple both great actors

  5. Anna Paquin lucky lady..and stephen lucky guy..they were so fucking good in true blood I can’t say it enough..that whole series was great..all good actors and dam everybody so gorgeous and sexy that whole cast ahhhh dam

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