Stephen Moyer Makes Two of People’s 2011 Sexiest Man Lists

The year 2011 is coming to a close and People Magazine has already come up with a bunch of Sexiest Man Lists to close out the year. We’re proud to report that Stephen Moyer is well represented as you will see below:

Stephen Moyer along with Joe Manganiello and former True Blood cast member Mehcad Brooks make the list titled “25 Chests to be Thankful For.” They said the following about Stephen’s chest:

Stephen Moyer – Walking barefoot through the sand, the True Blood newlywed shows his supernatural shape in Venice Beach, Calif.


Stephen Moyer along with Ryan Kwanten made the “Sexiest Man Alive, Who Could be Next?” list.

SMA ’87: Harry/ Sexy-in-Waiting: Stephen – With his feathered hair and famous pucker, former L.A. Law hunk Harry Hamlin made legalese a swoon-worthy language women wanted to learn. Flash forward to 2011, Stephen Moyer is turning another bad boy profession – vampire – into every woman’s True Blood fantasy.


To see the other True Blood men selected go to:


  1. Woo hoo! While I’m thrilled the show is well represented, I’m even giddier that Stephen had more than one mention! Well-deserved!!

  2. Work out pays off … or, as my favourite Styrian Californian put it: “No pain, no gain!” Get your saggy asses to the gym, all you average guys out there ;->

  3. Hmmm tell us something new – we all have known since he walked into Merlottes that he’s the sexiest guy around and as for that chest, the minute he took off his shirt it was a no brainer.

    Looks like everyone else is finally catching up with us!!!

    Way to go Stephen, you are the whole complete package.

  4. I’m glad he was noticed twice. However, there are so many guys on that main list that are nowhere near as sexy, hot, or handsome as Stephen Moyer. He should have been on the Big List. Just needed to get that off my chest. :D

  5. Steve is a hottie, no doubt! I love that he is so handsome (I’m seriously obsessed with his nose), and his body is just beautiful. He has completely reshaped it in the last few years, and the hard work shows. But I love that even though he works out in the gym he doesn’t just look like a muscle-bound gym rat.

    I know I’m biased, but he is perfection. :)

  6. Thank you People Magazine for noticing what all of us noticed in S1E1 that Stephen Moyer deserves to be Sexiest Man Alive and yes his chest should be in the celebrity list of “25 Chests to be Thankful For”.

  7. Ah, so it’s now news, what we’ve known for so long: Stephen has a gorgeous chest!…and shoulders, and back, and arms, and hands, and face, and buns, and feet…just everything!
    And on top of all that is his winning wit and smarts and generosity, and caring, and…it just goes on and on – he’s the best!

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