Stephen Moyer Makes Magic at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida


Stephen Moyer attended the Megacon 2018 Convention this past weekend in Orlando, Florida to promote the second Season of The Gifted. On Saturday, he signed photos, took pics with fans and also held a session for the fans on stage on Sunday. Below are just a few things we’ve gathered from the weekend to give you a glimpse of the weekend.

Below is a video shot by a fan of Stephen Moyer @mizalica saying one of his most famous True Blood quotes. You know it I’m sure, it’s the magic quote; beautifully done.

Watch Stephen’s Q&A:

#Repost @mizalica with @get_repost ・・・ Stephen Moyer saying one of his favorite Bill quotes from True Blood. His panel was thoughtful and had great questions and answers. He talked about The Gifted and prepping for X-Men (he’s married to Anna Paquin who was Rogue in the original movies) and he explained how he tweaked his Bill southern accent from old tapes of a 70 year old man they found from the 1920s who was around 30 when Bill was… and he’d say things like “I want to come visit ‘with’ you” instead of “I want to come visit you”. He said he would pour over the script and add those little things in. He talked about what Bill meant to him as a character and about how acting is all he’s ever wanted to do. Fascinating…. #megacon2018 #trueblood #q&a #stephenmoyer #truebie

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The quote comes from the absolutely beautiful scene in True Blood Season 1, Episode 3 when Bill and Sookie go for their first walk together:

And, here are a few pics from the weekend. To see more at Go

Megacon 2018

sources: @MegaConOrlando @VeFantastic and chewieleia on instagram

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  1. Marvelous! Loved the Sookie-Bill video. Such a nice re-visit of that scene. Thanks for all the goodies! Much appreciated.

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