Stephen Moyer Makes 2012 List of Hot & Sexy Men

Stephen Moyer has made 2012 List –  Glamour UK’s top 100 hottest and sexiest men list of 2012, and it’s time to step up to the plate and show your support. We’re not sure how much we like these polls that compare men for their sexiness, hotness and good looks, etc. All we know is that in our opinion, Stephen Moyer is THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN THERE IS! If you agree, go on over and place your vote at to let them know who is the sexiest man alive.

We’d also like to hear your thoughts about Stephen’s looks; leave us a comment below with your opinion!


  1. Whatever it may be, it’s so nice to see Stephen recognized.   I voted for the man who is the sexiest, hottest man on the planet – Stephen Moyer, of course.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. How dare them put him in a poll with mere mortals?  Voted just because I can and I didn’t bother to see who else was mentioned.   As if… :)

  3. Stephen has had my heart since the first moment I saw him in season 1 TrueBlood.  Absolutely the sexiest, hottest, and most gorgeous man alive.

  4. Of course I voted for Stephen Moyer! There is noone else on the list who even comes close! just babies and teenage dreams. Our Bill is the HOTTEST MAN ON THIS PLANET! He is Sookie’s vampire forever, the star of True Blood and the main reason most fans tune in for the shortest season of any show on tv!
    We need more SM and more True Blood!

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