Stephen Moyer looking sharp on the Paley Fest 2011 Red Carpet

Stephen Moyer looked mighty fine as usual on the Paley Fest 2011 Red Carpet at Saban Theatre on March 5, 2011, in Beverly Hills.¬†Stephen was sporting his “Bill Compton” look by wearing all black and he certainly looked great. The Billsbabes attended from all over the country and sat in the first two rows. Look for more to come about this event very soon!!

Paley Fest 2011 Red Carpet



    1. lou it was so nice meeting you and everyone. stephen’s personality and animation when he is talking is exciting. he definitely has the best personality of all of them. he was amazing. karin

  1. So happy to see the tweet that Lou and others got autographs and hugs. Looking forward to hearing some of the answers from the panel for myself. Hoping somebody has some video that will surface. Stephen and Anna looked great.

  2. Stephen looks wonderful as does Anna. Thanks, Lou and Karind, for your up close and personal comments. I hope we’ll get some video so us stay-at-homes can see and hear for ourselves.

    I checked out The Vault gallery a bit earlier. Terrific pictures!

  3. Stephen is looking so sexy gorgeous as usual. Thank you for posting the news and photos.
    I am not surprised that Stephen was the most animated one there. He is so quick witted and always ready to make one smile.
    He and Anna make such a striking couple as always.
    I heard Alan say that it is easy to see them as soulmates on the show when they are soulmates in real life.”
    So true.
    Looking forward to more videos of Stephen speaking.

  4. That close-up of Stephen’s intense, sexy, glamouring Bill Compton stare – OMG! So enthralling, so mesmerizing, so weak-in-the-knees HOT!

  5. HOT! HOT! HOT! Love the black pinstripes, very sexy… That ultimate romantic hero, Bill Compton, look going last night. Thanks for publishing these photos!

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