Stephen Moyer looking fresh on a hot Devil’s Knot set

It’s hot in Cartersville, Georgia, I wonder how Stephen Moyer manages to looks to fresh in long sleeved shirt and tie.

Vampire fan Jessica Lowery was so lucky to run into him on the set of Devil’s knot outside the courthouse of Cartersville.

source: @vampirestalkers


  1. I love seeing Stephen like this – the professional, with hair swept back, white shirt and tie!  So different for him, and yet so hot!  He just cannot help looking hot in any role he’s in. 
    I bet he can’t wait to get back to CA and put on some t-shirts and shorts!
    Nice to see the photo.  Thanks to you, and Jessica – lucky lady!

  2. Am still waiting in Kentucky for Anna and Stephen to show up on my door step . I am so close to the airport if you have trouble getting a cab!

  3. 1. Love her sunglasses!
    2. This may sound petty, but why can’t he dye his eyebrows to match his hair? I know , I know…but it just looks so blatant that his hair is dyed when the eyebrows are so light they’re almost invisible.

    1. hdgcat-   I’ve wondered that too, but I think, because his eyes are deep set, if they color his eyebrows they’ll look too dark, and his eyes won’t show up as well.  Sometimes on TB his eyebrows are darker than at other times.  Maybe it depends on who’s doing the makeup. 
      I actually prefer the lighter brows on him.  ( I can’t remember if they darkened them in “jan”)

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