Stephen Moyer on LIVE with Kelly & Michael

Stephen Moyer continues his Press tour in New York and this morning, he appeared on LIVE with Kelly & Michael with his “uptown beard. In this interview Stephen was as charming as he always is and had ample opportunity to talk about his new show, “The Bastard Executioner.

Sorry, no puppies in this one!

Watch the interview below:

Below are some pics from his appearance:

Click here to see even more pics in the Photo Gallery.


  1. Great interview, Stephen is funny as always, but why are these interviews so short? Barely over 5 minutes is not enough time. I love the scene where Lady Love slaps Milus. So much intensity. Both characters look really shocked that it happened, and now we found out that Flora really did hit Stephen. I’m gonna have to watch that scene over again, for sure.

  2. He looked great as always. At least he got more time than he did on The Tonight Show. However, still not enough for me. I thought we were going to see a clip. They announced it (or did I mishear?) but it never happened. He’s always so witty and funny. A Wednesday morning treat. Thanks for the video and the pictures.

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