Stephen Moyer to Live Tweet after tomorrow night’s Safe House

Stephen Moyer has just tweeted that he will conduct a live Q&A after tomorrow night’s episode of Safe House Series 2 “The Crow” on ITV via Twitter.

Safe House

Below is a copy of what he just tweeted on Twitter from his official account:

the final thrilling episode Thursday night in the UK at 9pm. Will be doing a Twitter Q&A immediately after the ep right here with

See the screenshot of his tweet below:

This will be the fourth and final episode of the series. The synopsis says: Tom faces his nemesis in a bid to save Sam’s life – and stop the Crow once and for all. Go to this address to read more about the fourth and final episode of Series 2, The Crow.

This live tweet session will take place at approximately 10pm London time with Steve on his own account. Think up your questions ahead of time so you’re good and ready for the event. We don’t know how long he’ll be available, so be sure to be online. Go to his twitter account of address your tweets to @smoyer!

source: @smoyer on Twitter

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