Photos: Stephen Moyer’s last days of shooting True Blood Season 7

NOTE: SPOILER ALERT – If you haven’t seen the final episode, you might not want to go further.

Below are some behind the scenes photos given to us from the last days of filming True Blood Season 7.

The two photos below are of the shooting of Bill’s final scene.

This first photo presumably is when they are determining how the the filming of Bill being staked will be done.


This second photo documents how Bill’s death scene was shot, inside the grave.


Then, when Stephen wrapped and it was his last day on set, the crew gave him this lovely cake:


Below is another photo of Stephen on the set during True Blood episode 7.08 posted on Twitter by the director, Jesse Warn @jessewarn.


photogalleryAs we gather more photos they will be added to our Season 7 Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery.


  1. Adding to my comments.  I tried to edit but ran out of time.  I wanted to say that it is hard to look at these photos, knowing what we now know.  The cake is a lovely tribute to Stephen.

  2. It makes me want to cry all over again!  Must have been tough for Stephen, knowing this would be the final scene.  I would be too sad to eat cake, but it’s beautiful.  Interesting that inside the grave was just a wall, and all the cameras were covered, protected from blood spatter, but not poor Anna.  Thank you for the pics, I love the behind the scenes stuff.

  3. Thank you for creating this site for the fans! I loved our ‘Bill!’ Always appreciate behind the scenes looks, too. I can see myself doing something creative behind the magic curtain! Makes it all the more fun for me! It was so lovely to see the cake for Bill and the way the crew and actors honor each other, like a real family. I saw them at ComiCon and enjoyed the camaraderie of them all! So endearing! I related to Anna and recognized a fellow shy girl!  Well, I can’t believe the show is over! This scene was so hard to watch and definitely a WTF moment!  I really look forward to seeing the actors in other projects, hopefully soon!  Virtual ((hugs)) to all of them!! (And, the the creators of this fan page!) Thank you all for the wild, exciting ride!

  4. I wonder how long it took for the makeup people to put those veins on Stephen?  In the final scene, they pretty much only had to do his neck, but in scenes where we saw…ahem, a lot more of him, it seems like it would take a long time, lol!

  5. I am still in mourning! Would definitely buy a book of behind the scene stories and pictures on filming TrueBlood.

  6. I cried the whole time when Bill & Sookie were in the cemetery… I will miss TB. They have been my Sunday night love for 7 years….

  7. The ending was a great way to end a tragic love story. Gonna miss True Blood so much, but I’ve got the memories, and I will say it was the greatest show on TV. RIP True Blood

  8. I think it would have been better, whatever the ending, if they had done 12 episodes in order to better complete each character’s story.   I didn’t mind Sam leaving town to be with Nicole, but the way they did it was a bit blah.  I would have spent more time on it, and made it more dramatic, like Nicole is leaving, and Sam stops her and tells her that he’s going with her after all.  With more time, they could have at least shown Sam telling Nicole that he wanted to go with her, instead of talking about it after the fact.  I shouldn’t hold out hope, but I keep thinking  how easy it would be to do an alternate ending where Bill doesn’t die. Please!!!!

  9. This ending was almost as bad as the book. Why no one listens to the fans is beyond me. A good ending is what makes people keep watching reruns. Very disappointed.

  10. Lynn that cake looks similar to our missing poster for Bill when he was kidnapped.  
    The pictures of the crew blocking the scene for the staking of  of Bill, I wonder if the if they were saying “and this how we will break millions of hearts around the world.”   That is just my bitter aching heart talking. . From all accounts the crew adored Stephen and he them. It must have been their worst day on the job of all the seasons.

  11. Thank you for posting these behind-the-scenes-pics. Nice to see how they do things.  It’s difficult to see the photos of Stephen as Bill, and to see Anna in the coffin with a stake.  I cannot watch the finale again….I don’t know if I ever will.  Stephen and Anna were so amazing….their chemistry on screen is unique and unmatched.  But the way TB ended Bill’s story will forever sadden and frustrate me.  It was unnecessary, insensitive, and incongruous with Bill’s character. I don’t think I can forgive what was done.

    That being said, this series has been an amazing experience.  What a fantastic way to spend Sunday nights in the summer, and how much fun I’ve had discussing, dissecting, and admiring everything about this show.  I’m going to try to put the finale into the back of my mind, and concentrate of the great times in past seasons.  That way I’ll be able to watch my dvds and enjoy them.  At least I hope I can.

  12. The thing about the finale that keeps bothering me is that it didn’t make sense.  Bill says he’s doing it for Sookie, but that doesn’t hold water because Sookie doesn’t give up being fae so she’s not safe from vampires, and she could still have children without a man in her life. At least half of her friends are supernaturals, so Sookie’s chances of having a “normal” life are not guaranteed by any means whether Bill lives or dies.  Yes, Sookie ends up with a husband or boyfriend that we will assume is human, but that was not something Bill could be sure would happen.  Since the Sookie reasons are not valid, then it must be because Bill wants to die, and having hep-v is a convenient way for Bill to allow himself to die.  Bill never wanted to be vampire and has hated it his whole vampire life, I can understand that Bill would not want to continue, but he just got back with Sookie, and I would think he would want to see how that played out before choosing to die.  I know Bill misses his human family and has deep regret for all the bad he’s done, but how do we know that it’s not also that the hep-v is affecting his spirit and making him want to die.  It would be awful for Sookie to have staked Bill if there was a chance that Bill was being influenced by the disease.  I’ll still watch it, but it will always bother me.

  13. Why did he have to die???!!! I was devastated! !! Wat the hell else do I start watching now only for them to cancel or finish again??!!!!@##$&

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