Stephen Moyer on Jonathan Ross in UK next Friday

Jonathan RossStephen Moyer, while in London next week, will be on the Jonathan Ross show presumably to do promotion for the True Blood premiere on FX UK of Season 2 of True Blood.

Stephen Moyer will be on Jonathan Ross next Friday, March 5 22:35 on BBC One (Wales only) On this show, in addition to Stephen is the queen of this year’s BRITS, triple winner Lady Gaga, chatting and performing two songs live in the studio and Michael Ball.

I hope that the three of them chat together, should be an interesting conversation.


  1. I definately will be watching on BBCA when it airs here. I watch the JRS on occassion especially when the guest is someone special I want to see. Stephen is as special as it gets.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I hope there will be a vid forthcoming since we don’t get BBCA. Stephen does such entertaining and delightful interviews. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. YES! I watch the Jonathan Ross show all the time and he’s does a great show. Stephen can be himself and guests usually get more than 10 seconds with the host. My Tivo is set.

  4. Love the new pictures in the “header” at the top of the page (I forget the proper name for that space.) We get the Jonathan Ross show on BBC America channel Friday nights–I’ll have to set my DVR.

  5. Sounds like it should be a great interview for Stephen, he usually rocks these types of talk shows.
    His wonderful quick wit and charm is always good to see. Looking forward to a video.
    I would love to see all the guests sitting together and chatting, especially with lady GaGa.
    Thanks Shad!

  6. Hope to see a video of this posted since we don’t carry BBC America channel. Should be a great show. Love to see some dialogue between Stephen and Lady Gaga! Thanks for posting Shad. The new “headers” are awesome!

  7. He will be on Jonathan Ross at the same time as episode 2, season 2 airs for the first time in the UK on Friday.

    Want to see True Blood episode on it’s first airing, but can’t wait to see the banter between Stephen with Jonathan, they both have the same witty humour.

    Aaaaaah! Please, please get it on this site as soon as possible. BIG THANK YOU from me in anticipation.

  8. I watched last night’s Jonathan Ross show on BBCAmerica. He had Colin Farrell and Jay-Z on; I noticed he does nice long interviews with each guest. Can’t wait for Stephen’s visit…should be amazing!!!

  9. I heard that lady Gaga will also be there. The Four Puffs and a Piano will either be wearing Tshirt will lady Gaga face or Stephen.

  10. I checked the sites for the BBC and BBC America, and the Ross show airs a week later in the US than the UK show…so Stephen’s appearance will be March 12 at 10pm on BBC America.

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