Stephen Moyer jokes about naked Billith scene

Stephen Moyer directs Anna Paquin

On the digital version of Entertainment Weekly a look behind the scenes of True Blood episode 6.01 where director Stephen Moyer gives pointers to co-star and wife Anna Paquin. Stephen joked to EW about being a Method actor and doing the bloody Billith scene in last years season finale completely naked.

Stephen Moyer directs Anna Paquin

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  1. Don’t tease us, Steve! Love the behind the scenes look at season 6, we’re getting closer and closer…

  2. Not a surprise at all that he did the scene naked. What self-respecting blood-covered vampire god would wear clothes!

  3. He’s gorgeous … there should be a making-of video, really. Where are the posters and photos and ads for this year, just a few weeks left. Did HBO spend ALL the promo money on GOT?

    1. @wiwa Hello there my long lost friend! I totally agree there should be some videos of “making True Blood” scenes, and a reel of bloopers too! supposedly when Bill and Eric were in the trunk of the car being captured by Haines and Nora they had a giggling fit, the umbrella was a sure source of some of their laughter, and they only fit by “spooning” like they did and they kept laughing at it all and had to do many retakes. There are prob hundreds of bloopers we would all love to see and pay good money for! I, too, want some behind the scenes stuff. could release it after each season if they wanted to but after this one they should have six years of great stuff! 
       (btw: I read a post in a “thread” that said :  “Wiwa was totally right all along!” and I missed you right then!!!!)

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