Stephen Moyer Joins the cast of “Juveniles”

Been wondering what film Stephen Moyer has been working on for the past two weeks that we’ve been seeing Tweets from?  So have we! We’re happy to finally be able to tell you that Stephen has joined the cast of the new film drama “Juveniles.”  

USA - Stephen Moyer photocall in Los Angeles


The film centers on a present-day teenager who deals with violence and poverty in small-town America, struggling to overcome familial rivalries and seek a better life. It’s the feature directorial debut of Nico Sabenorio, who also wrote the script.

Note: We’ve heard rumors that Stephen is playing a “not so nice” character in this one; but we’ll let you know for sure as we find out more information.

James Burke, Chris Miller, Scott Disharoon and Elliot Rosenblatt are producing. Principal photography began last month.

Stephen joins a cast that includes Beau Knapp, Martin Henderson (Sundance TV’s The Red Road), Nick Eversman (Wild), Morgan Lily (X-Men: First Class) and True Blood’s Kevin Alejandro (The CW’s Arrow).  Note: It’s nice to know that a fellow True Blood Alum, Kevin Alejandro is part of this cast.

CAA is handling Juveniles’ worldwide sales rights.

We’ll very shortly be adding a new Movie & TV Project page here on our site for this film, so stay tuned!



  1. How nice to get some definitive information on this one.  Thanks for providing.  Good to see Kevin Alejandro has joined the cast as well.

  2. Nice photo of Steve!  Better without facial hair.  Nice that a fellow True Blood actor is also in it.  Hope we don’t have to wait until Christmas for this one!

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