Stephen Moyer Interviewed about his new series “Fortunate Son”

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Listen to Stephen Moyer talk about his character in his new CBC series, Fortunate Son Podcast.  During the interview, he talks about his character which is, not necessarily the good guy, but also spends some time talking about True Blood and his role of Bill.

Not sure I’m happy he is not a good guy, BUT he is delicious when he is wicked.


Fortunate Son Podcast
Stephen Moyer discusses his new series for CBC “Fortunate Son.”

Description of the series from CBC, for this Fortunate Son Podcast:

The year 1968 marked a turning point in the Vietnam war. The number of U.S. troops peaked at nearly 550,000; it was also the deadliest year for American soldiers. At the same time, the anti-war movement reached a fever pitch, and by early 1968, two-thirds of Americans were opposed to the conflict, with protestors marching constantly outside the White House. The tension between an increasingly unpopular war and those committed to opposing it is at the heart of a new CBC TV series called Fortunate Son. It premieres tonight, and q’s Tom Power catches up with actor Stephen Moyer — best known for his role in True Blood — to talk about the roots of the show, and Moyer’s role as a ruthless CIA agent tasked with taking down anti-war activists.

— Produced by ​Jennifer Warren

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source: CBC Radio


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