Stephen Moyer impresses as Russian thug in The Double

Stephen Moyer as a Russian thug in The Double is set the be released on October 28 and The Hollywood Reporter is the first to post their review of the thriller directed by Michael Brandt. Basically, the review shreds the whole film to pieces (we’ll make our own judgment when we see it, thank you), but it’s nice to see that the only kudos handed out by THR are for Stephen Moyer.

There’s some momentary pleasure in watching Stephen Moyer glower and snarl with relish as a reptilian Russian thug who makes the actor’s vampire king Bill Compton on True Blood seem like a puppy. But almost everything else about this routine thriller, from its slick visuals to its churning techno score, is unremarkable.

Russian Thug


  1. Richard Gere and Stephen Moyer together in a movie is one movie I would not miss. Hopefully, Stephen’s performance will lead to more roles in potentially blockbuster movies. Would love to see Stephen Moyer become a household name.

  2. “We are NOT puppy dogs!”

    -Bill Compton

    Someone had to say it.

    If he’s a standout in bad movies , then he could still end up with roles from it. Just Richard Gere’s name alone and the genre will get alot of DVD rentals. This is the type of movie people pick up just to have something to watch on a Saturday night with their pizza.

    I’m picturing those people pointing at the tv set with a slice of pizza going ” OMG! THAT’S VAMPIRE BILL FROM TRUE BLOOD!” LOL!

    1. hdgcat – You beat me to it! I was just going to quote that line from Bill!
      You voiced my opinion about the movie and Stephen’s role in it also. Yes, this sounds like a pizza night movie, and Stephen will be recognized as Vampire Bill, and his performance will be remembered as other roles come available – this is a good thing – a very good thing!

  3. I agree. I don’t go by what critics say and see a film with an open-mind. I’m glad to read the positive review on Stephen’s part. Go Stephen!!

  4. He is a chameleon when he takes on these different roles. You will buy into whatever character he is portraying. A sign of a truly gifted actor.

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