Stephen Moyer hopes fellow Brits will love True Blood

Stephen Moyer said about True Blood in an interview at the Paley Fest last night: “I hope the show goes down as well in London as it does here“.

True Blood

His co-star Nelsan Ellis said he thought Brits would love the first season, which will air on Channel 4 later in the year.

Nelsan said: “I think they’re gonna love it because having lived in England, they’re not as conservative as Americans are when it comes to that type of stuff, so I think it’s gonna be a hit over there.

“It’s very racy and my experience over there, they don’t care about racy.

Alan Ball, creator and executive producer of the show, said:The British viewers have a series that is really, really fun and entertaining and really romantic and sexy and violent and funny and dramatic.

It us just a fun, fun ride to take.

Alan, who also wrote American Beauty and created Six Feet Under, added: “Some people are gonna find it racy – they’re not really the audience for the show. Most people seem to like it.

Source: The Press Association

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