Stephen Moyer Hits the Road Again to Pittsburgh

Stephen Moyer left Los Angeles yesterday again and, this time he’s on his way to Pittsburgh to shoot the upcoming film about concussion that does not yet have a title. Click here to read our post about this film.

While on his way, his plane was delayed and he had a layover in Dallas and announced that he would answer the first five questions that came over “chirpsville.”  Well, he answered a lot more than five questions and you can see his tweets by clicking here.  A sample of some of the questions he answered were such as telling the Tweeterverse that his favorite jam is strawberry, beer: Stella (back in the day) and that he’s never seen the X-Men movies and more.


source: @_smoyer on Twitter


  1. It was awesome just happened to get on Twitter yesterday and he had just posted that he would answer 5 questions but being the incredible man he is he answered like 30 mine included :) love him

  2. Love all his answers and what a guy for doing this for his fans – I just wish I was on my Twitter account more often. Thank you for providing.
    So glad he has many project coming our way, I have my fingers crossed for the British Drama!

  3. Thanks for providing.  Enjoyed his answers.  What a guy … always takes time for the fans.

    He’s headed for my home town.  If I still lived there, you better believe I’d be tracking him down.

    Enjoy your stay in Pgh, Stephen.

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