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We here at AllStephenMoyer along with his true fans, already know a lot about Stephen’s life as documented in our “authorized biography” that was sanctioned by Stephen and added here on AllStephenMoyer a couple of years ago. In it, we provide a lot of factual information about Stephen and his life up to his marriage of last year.

However, in the article below, by Jamie Painter Young at, we learn even more detail, about how Stephen Moyer got the “acting bug”, but especially about his getting the part of Bill Compton from his point of view.

Below is part of that article.

You don’t expect the genteel vampire Bill Compton to roll into dinner on a neon green longboard on wheels, but that’s what Stephen Moyer, the actor who plays him, did when Back Stage met him near his Venice, Calif., home. “I go everywhere with this,” the British actor says about his eco-friendly mode of transportation. The down-to-earth Moyer, it turns out, is full of surprises, as is the case with his HBO series, which kicks off its fourth season this weekend. As the song “I’m on Fire” coincidentally played overhead (Bill is highly combustible in daylight), Moyer revealed to Back Stage his real-life story, which has more parallels to Billy Elliot than to Bill Compton.

Moyer landed his delicious “True Blood” gig thanks to being unceremoniously dumped from another L.A. pilot he was hired on but never got to shoot. “We did the table read, and I’d been offered the part, and me and a bunch of other actors from that show got let go at the table read. It was incredibly depressing,” confesses Moyer, who flew back to his London home defeated and vowed not return to pilot season, at least for that year. The casting directors of that pilot, however, had something else in mind.

The casting directors had leaked my casting tape, and so, suddenly, I was getting all these offers left, right, and center to come back. They said, ‘This is a travesty. Look at this tape,’ and they started sending it to other friends of theirs who were casting directors,” recalls Moyer, who admits it was a really strong audition tape and “I’m not somebody who says something like that.”

Libby Goldstein and Junie Lowry-Johnson, who were casting the pilot for “True Blood” (and continue to cast the series), got hold of that tape and persuaded Moyer to put himself on video again in London. He says he was initially hesitant to jump back into the pilot season game, but “the thing was, once I’d read the script [for ‘True Blood’], I was just like, ‘This is amazing.’ Got myself on tape the next day, and [series creator Alan Ball] saw it that afternoon, and I flew back the next day.

A fascinating aspect of playing a 173-year-old vampire is that there are endless possibilities as to what he has been up to during his post-human days. Before shooting began, Moyer read the novels “True Blood” is based on. So he knew that Bill was a Civil War soldier reluctantly turned into a creature of the night. He knew that he later falls in love with small-town girl Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin, whom Moyer would marry). But what happened in between is anyone’s guess, and that’s what keeps things fresh for Moyer, who gets to act in flashback sequences that he never saw coming.

I could have been on the Titanic. I could have been at Woodstock,” he imagines of Bill’s varied history. “There’s this extraordinary scope of what he could have done. But what I can’t tell you is that I might have been a nightclub pianist in the ’20s and suddenly you’re a nightclub pianist in the ’20s, or you’re in Chicago in the ’30s playing cards [as were both written into ‘True Blood’]. Endless, endless things. There’s a great flashback this season, which I won’t spoil. It’s funny and different. They have a lot of fun, I think, dreaming up this stuff. It’s like Pandora’s box. It’s like the magician’s trick of pulling a piece of [silk] out of your mouth and suddenly you’ve got all the flags of the nations. It can go on and on and on, and because the characters are all so endearing, I think that it has a lot of scope.”

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  1. sooooooooooooo adorable he is! and super sexy now! he is a amazing actor i have seen him in other things besides TB! I love Stephen Moyer!!!!!

  2. Stephen is a seasoned, talented and genuine actor who is doing what he loves. I think the “one door closes another one opens” saying applies in Stephens case with being noticed by the TB casting agents – everything happens for a reason.
    Great interview, thx.

  3. A wonderful read. Most of the information I knew, but needed a gentle nudge to recall specifics, and other things were new to me. So nice to see Stephen’s progression from the young lad performing in musicals to True Blood’s dark, handsome and enigmatic Bill Compton.

  4. Wonderful article. It’s always fun to learn about Stephen’s experiences both before and after True Blood. Thank goodness he wasn’t asked about the popularity of vampire shows again. This reporter went in some fresh directions. Very enjoyable read.

  5. I just love reading his interviews. His language, his descriptions, his verbal intelligence .. Both the soul and head gets to work …… what can I say … . Moyergasm!

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